The Navarro training method is a unique system. It is personal training where you get personalized coaching and nutrition for group training prices. Many people are skeptical but after training THEY LOVE IT. To try one session it is $52 to reserve the time but if they enjoy the initial training session that is deducted from the package price.


Personal training package is purchased this automatically gets you small group training with me 2-3x a week (that is the bare minimum). But also included with the package at no additional cost is a cardio program (goal specific) and a nutrition profile that is specific to your goals. (The training consists of 30 minutes of high-intensity weight training with me that is goal-focused. With 20-30 minutes of cardio/conditioning before or after the workout depending on goal and preference so I usually say allot 50-60 minutes total. The workouts are at your own pace, and you are pushed at your own pace. Weight training and cardio programs are goal specific. Each exercise is watched and the principles (reps, pauses, etc…) is all based on your personal goals. It is a unique system and many people prefer this method after trying a session and getting a feel for it.)


(Included with the package at no additional cost) (Design a custom nutrition profile that is specific to your goals.) For the nutrition profile, we grab the client’s custom stats (age, height, body fat %) and design a profile that allows them to track their foods using myfitnesspal or any other method they feel comfortable with. Where we add value is being able to offer adjustments and strategies when the client hits plateaus. Will continually offer support and advice until they hit their ideal goal. There are no additional fees outside of the personal training packages.


(High-Intensity Weight Training on M/W/F) Client would reserve a time that is their personal training time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Clients are allowed to switch times but we would prefer 24-hour notice and they can do this via email or text. But we add value by being the trainer that works around your schedule. “Personal Trainer on Demand”. The actual training day. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the client would show up for their specific training time, we are very routine always starting and ending on time. The training consists of 30 minutes of high-intensity weight training with me. All the programs are designed beforehand in a rapid fashion moving from one machine/exercise to the next with minimal rest, never having to wait for a machine and being able to finish an effective, efficient, workout that most people would take 1-2 hours to complete at a normal commercial gym you can complete in 30 minutes because of the pace, focus, and detail prescribed in each workout. People are really busy and the number one excuse that people use is they don’t have enough time, all you need is 30 minutes with this program. Each workout includes upper body weight training, lower body wieght training, and some form of cardio exercise to increase the client’s heart rate. The workouts are custom to our gym and would be tough to duplicate at a commercial gym. The exercises continually change each training day to add variety so clients never get bored. We customize the reps, sets, and progressions for each client’s individual goals, so you can be a beginner who never lifted weights before or the experienced gym-goer and we can design a workout the will push your capabilities and performance.

One quick note about the training is that if someone comes in with the specific goal of gaining muscle they would be put into an advanced training program. This workout focuses only on one to two muscle groups a workout to specialize and inhibit muscle growth (hypertrophy). No price change. The same personal training prices apply.

Completely optional. These are for clients who want to enhance their results. We offer a 20-30 minute cardio/conditioning program before or after the workout. This will give the clients an opportunity to cool down or burn more calories. If a client’s goal is weight loss the cardio program after training is highly recommended. The cardio program can be as intense as sprints or as calm as a nice walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill this is all personal preference of the client. Many people get intimated by this portion because they think they have to run, I hate running myself, lol so this portion is all up to the client I give them recommendations based on what they like and their goal. The workouts are at their own pace and pushed at their own pace.


(Text, email, calls anytime for support. A community atmosphere adds to the motivation and willingness to keep the consistency going. Consistency being the most important pillar in achieving fitness goals.


(80% percent of our clientele come in for weight loss, 15% for muscle building, 5% for sport/performance improvement but within one small group we can train all three goals. I also say during consultations I can train the two people who want to lose weight and one who wants to gain muscle and they could all train together